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11:58 Aug 24 2015 Kismayo, Somalia

Summary of the voice call
Waxaan jiraa 44 sanno aabo leh 5 carrur ah waxaan ka mid ahay dadka laga keenay xeryaha qaxoontiga ee Dhagaxley iyadoo la iga caawiyay inaan ku noqdo Kismayo bishii Ramadan 15 keedi. Haayadu markay noo suubinaysay dib u dajinta waxay noogu ballan qaday in ay guryo la I dajin doono laakin kamaan helin. Imika qaraabadyda ayaa dhul yar isiiyay laakiin qalab aan ku dhisto mahaysto. waxaan aad uga niyad jabsanahay in wax yaabihii la igu ballan qaaday aanan helin sababtoo ah guri ma haysto.
Call summary
I am 44 years old and a father of 5 children between 2 .5 and 10 years. We have been living in Dadaab refugee camps nearly eight years until we decided to return home. Life in Dadaab refugee camps was difficult with too many refugees and not enough food. UNHCR told us we will live in a better life if we returned to our home country. We arrived back to our home in Kismayo during Ramadan. Before we returned we were promised a lot of support for example shelter, but have not received anything. I was given a piece of land by my relatives here in Kismayo and I am not able to build a home here as I have no capital and resources to do so. I am very disappointed that we are not being supported as promised because I have no shelter. Can you please help us to build new shelter?
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